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NDRC publish rules for non-financial corporations to issue renminbi bonds in Hong Kong

2012-5-2 Official announcement in Chinese: 国家发展改革委关于境内非金融机构赴香港特别行政区发行人民币债券有关事项的通知 发改外资[2012]1162号      

First Dim Sum in London

HSBC issues first CNH bond in London.   Press release from the HSBC: HSBC announces an RMB first 18 April… Continue reading »

Baosteel issues CNH bond in Hong Kong, a first for non-financial mainland issuer

2011-11-25 Baosteel’s CNH bond is listed in HKEX, the first non-financial issuer from the mainland.   Bloomberg news: Baosteel Cuts… Continue reading »

The first synthetic CNY bond issued

2010-12-23 The first synthetic CNY bond is issued in Hong Kong by Shui On Land.   Report by Bloomberg: Developers… Continue reading »

McDonald’s Corporation issues a CNH bond

2010-8-19 McDonald’s Corporation issues a CNH bond, the first by an overseas non-financial corporation outside the mainland.   Report by… Continue reading »