Chinese economy has grown substantially since the country started to implement the “economic reform and open door” policies  in 1978. The use of the Chinese currency, the renminbi, outside the country had not kept pace with rise of the country. It remained a second-tier or even third-tier currency for settlement, trading,  investment and foreign exchange reserve. Tension has been building up in several areas, both domestically and internationally. Since June 2010, the Chinese government has introduced a host of new measures to free the currency, making its intention clear: to make RMB a fully convertible currency and one of the major reserve currencies alongside the US dollar. Rapid changes have taken place since.

The RMB Handbook: Trading, Investing and Hedging provides a comprehensive guide to the evolution of RMB, examining the issues relating to trading, investing and hedging of the Chinese renminbi against other currencies. Emphasis is placed particularly on the practical problems and solutions for investors, hedgers, traders, and speculators. The contents on this site compliment what’s in the book by including more up-to-date and more detailed information relating to products, regulations and market participants.

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